Quantified Self & Family Caregiving

What would it look like to take a “QS approach” to a major social and public health issue, like family caregiving? Caregiving has been the topic of a large array of survey studies, ethnographic studies, etc., but what might it mean to take a close look at the realities of caregiving activities through the first person lens that self-tracking affords?

Welcome to the Atlas of Caregiving Pilot

Over the past thirty five years, there have been many research studies regarding service interventions, surveys and service delivery data on unpaid family caregivers. Much of what we know and practice in the field of caregiver services and supports result from these efforts. Indeed, Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) has been in the forefront of service…

Carol Levine
The Next Advance in Understanding Family Caregiving

The Atlas of Caregiving opens a new chapter in caregiving research. It adds innovative methods available today through technology to build on existing knowledge. I am pleased to be a part of this project and hope to contribute to it from my perspectives as a caregiver researcher and as my late husband’s caregiver for 17…