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Our Approach

Our program provides practical tools that can be integrated immediately into one’s home, work, or community environments. We believe that the best services emerge from within the community for which those services are intended.

The Mapping Ourselves Program

The Program consists of five weekly or bi-weekly 75 minute sessions set a week apart and conducted online:

  • Week 1 Making the Invisible Visible
  • Week 2 Personal Science
  • Week 3 Humans + Data
  • Week 4 A Ripple Effect of Care
  • Week 5 Engineering Caring Communities

Learning Goals:

  • Build capacity for change and leadership.
  • Learn a new practice for observing, visualizing, and analyzing your relationships, social connections, activities, and environment in order to better understand their impact on yours and others’ wellbeing.
  • Gain insight into the care you receive and give in your life so that you can be more intentional about how you build relationships and plan your days.
  • While engaging in peer-to-peer learning, practice active listening and empathy building within a group.
  • Learn how to teach these tools and ideas to your communities of family, friends, and coworkers.
The We All Care Workshop

Using the Atlas CareMap tool, we explore more deeply the relationships and experiences we have around connection, resilience, and care.

Learning Goals:

  • See the invisible relationships and interactions that connect us
  • Learn about and from others in your community
  • Build empathy skills

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