Rich New CareMap Tutorial

This story was originally published on Weave’s newsletter, a weekly resource on how to weave our communities and restore social trust. Subscribe here. Feeling challenged and alone? Find the care around you Frederick Riley, Weave’s Executive Director, had the odds stacked against him as a kid. “Our family lived well below the federal poverty line. We were…

The Journey to Community

How did you get here? What’s an aerospace engineer doing leading community-weaving efforts?

Celebrating Care Received

To fully care for our communities we cannot simply praise the giving of care while being reluctant to praise receiving care. Seeing, acknowledging and celebrating how your community cares for and supports you is vital for healthy living. That was the heart of my message for my keynote address Seeing Care and Kindness in Everyday…

Weaving With Care

On November 17, I had a rich conversation with members of the Weave community on “Seeing the Care That is All Around Us”. It was an honor speaking with this group, as their vision of weaving a rich social fabric is so in line with our efforts at Atlas of Care. Weave: The social fabric…

Tools for Life: An exploration on the value of personal science for care, wellbeing and community in Michigan

“We need a vision of community that is relevant and future-facing. A vision that brings us closer to one another, allows us to be vulnerable and imperfect, to grieve and stumble, to be held accountable and loved deeply. We need models of success and leadership that fundamentally value love, care, and generosity of resources and…

Yes, You Can Successfully Teach Empathy Online

Online Mapping Ourselves workshop participants came to learn more deeply, both about themselves and about others.

Beware of “Learned Incapacity”

Our Learned Incapacity for real social interaction is a detrimental cost to the coronavirus pandemic that we all must be very aware of.

The Nuclear Family Myth

The nuclear family model remains a cornerstone of the American family, and yet, it is not a successful model of living. We need extended community.

Ann Arbor Civic Leaders Explore Mapping Ourselves

Ann Arbor civic leaders explored Mapping Ourselves tools as a way to consider local innovation and progress.