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Welcome to Atlas of Caregiving: (re)Launch!

Welcome to our official Atlas of Caregiving (re)launch! Following our successful Pilot Project, we now begin our work as an independent nonprofit organization. We’re energized by the opportunity to continue our partnership with Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA), and collaborate with new funders Santa Barbara Foundation and AARP. Since completing our pilot study, and releasing the…

Chantal's Care Network Map from the Atlas of Caregiving Pilot
Averting a Crisis: Funding a Bold Vision of Family Caregiving

For several years we’ve heard the warnings: there’s a looming caregiving crisis. There are not enough caregivers for an aging America. Demographics are shifting — by 2030, twenty percent of the population will be over 65 — while care costs are shifting from health systems and employers to families. As a result, family caregivers are…

Ida and Ian photo
Atlas of Caregiving Pilot Study: What We’ve Learned

“I should show this report to my children so they would have a better idea of all that I do. But, even then, I don’t know if they would really understand.” Ida, a nurse and health coach, and her husband Ian, a retired law professional, enjoyed an active life up until 2010 when Ian was…

Three consecutive images of Hannah organizing medications, from Narrative Clip worn by Harvey.
Behind the Scenes with the Atlas of Caregiving: Oskar Kalmaru, Narrative

With only a couple of weeks to go before our Atlas of Caregiving Pilot Report is published, we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into the project’s innovative approach to researching and learning about family caregiving. While our research itself is deeply focused on the human side of family caregiving, in many cases technology…

Care Maps in the Community: Santa Barbara County

Earlier this year, the Santa Barbara Foundation invited the Atlas of Caregiving team to introduce care maps to members of the caregiving community in Santa Barbara County. We are grateful to the Santa Barbara Foundation, its partners Friendship Center, Marian Regional Medical Center, and Valley Haven; our local volunteers Mary Sheridan, Lisa Riolo, and Rebecca…

Put Your Family Caregiving on the Map

Learn how to draw a care map: a picture of everyone involved in your own caregiving situation. Although they’re pretty easy to draw, care maps tend to be a great way to take stock of who does what. They can also help you see where you may need extra help.

What Have We Learned So Far?

On October 24 a caregiving conference was held at the University of San Francisco. I had been invited to give a talk on “New Insights from the Atlas of Caregiving Pilot”. As it turned out, on only the previous day had we completed the data gathering phase of the project — the final interview with…

Quantified Self & Family Caregiving

What would it look like to take a “QS approach” to a major social and public health issue, like family caregiving? Caregiving has been the topic of a large array of survey studies, ethnographic studies, etc., but what might it mean to take a close look at the realities of caregiving activities through the first person lens that self-tracking affords?