Personalizing Science

Learn about what personal science is and how we teach people to use our data visualization tools in a way that they can adapt them to meet their own needs.

A Village to Lean On: Caregiving and women at work

How women tend to care at home and at work has real implications and should be central to any conversation about gender parity at work, home, and society.

Visualizing Care’s Ripple Effect

Read about how small, individual actions of care can positively impact and fundamentally alter communities, families, and care cultures.

Mapping Ourselves in Michigan for the Youth Advisory Committee

Read about the first of a series of Mapping Ourselves Workshops for youth in Michigan, part of the We All Care Initiative

Supporting Women, at home and at work

How Data Visualization and Peer to Peer learning can strengthen communities of women.

The Atlas CareMap: My Caregiving Journey in Pictures

I came across Atlas of Caregiving in my search for useful tools to solve caregiving challenges. I’m intrigued by the deceptively simple concept of their Atlas CareMap. A CareMap is a visualization of your relationships. You use stick figures and lines to show who you care for, who else is involved in their care, and who cares for you….

Giorgia Lupi Dear Data
Drawing With Data In Mind

The digital Atlas CareMap, still in development, is an exciting project aimed at increasing the accessibility and functionality of the traditional CareMap and to collect first-of-its-kind data about our care ecosystems. To build the digital CareMap, Atlas of Caregiving has partnered with Accurat, a data-driven design and research firm. Accurat specializes in building visual narratives…

Anthropologist at Intel
Data Literacy for Family Caregivers: A Social Process

“Data literacy is a social process, and the only way we strengthen that process is by building the institutional capacity. Frankly, I think Atlas is at the cutting edge of this.” – Dawn Nafus, Anthropologist at Intel Much of Atlas of Caregiving’s strength as an organization comes from having assembled a team of industry professionals, thought leaders, and researchers…

Six Degrees of Separation: Are We Really All Connected?

By Sara Bollman When using the Atlas CareMap, may caregivers find that they are more connected with people and institutions around them than they had realized. This can also lead to greater appreciation for our many sources of support and the strong communities that develop when we share similar goals and experiences. It may also…