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Atlas CareMap

Caregiving happens within a web of relationships of relatives, friends, professionals, and organizations. People are often simultaneously caring for themselves, caring for others, and being cared for by others. What each person does varies by ability and context, and over time.

An Atlas CareMap is a drawing and a process for self-reflection and action, which also provides a catalyst for conversation. It is a diagram of a person’s care ecosystem, drawn by hand or computer, showing who cares for whom, and how. The process of thinking about and drawing an Atlas CareMap has helped people to more clearly see and to better understand their existing care ecosystem.

The Atlas CareMap has been developed through extensive research and testing since 2012, including the Atlas Pilot Study in 2015, and projects with Santa Barbara Foundation and AARP in 2016-17.

We encourage people to use the Atlas CareMap and to share it with others. Below is a series or resources and guides that will help people independently take advantage of this tool.


Learn to Draw and use Atlas CareMaps

“Seeing the Invisible: Strengthening your care ecosystem with Atlas CareMaps” Download our booklet here. With illustrated step-by-step instructions for hand-drawing Atlas CareMaps and from several examples, you will learn to draw and use Atlas CareMaps. We also recommend how to do more with maps and use the Atlas CareMap webapp.

Download the Atlas CareMaps guide for a handy reminder of the key steps for hand-drawn Atlas CareMaps.


Atlas CareMap Webapp

You can draw also draw an Atlas CareMap online at [temporarily unavailable]. Note: Based on extensive experience, we strongly suggest you first learn to draw Atlas CareMaps by hand.

The most important benefits of the webapp are: easy editing; include more details about the people involved and the types of support they provide; view the map in different ways, by choosing characteristics to emphasize; seeing changes over time; and making it easy to print and share.

Technology Requirements: A computer or tablet with an up-to-date OS and modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge). Some functions may not work properly with older software.

Strengthening Families and Communities

“Sparking Transformative Conversations: Using Atlas CareMaps to strengthen families and communities”

Download for a comprehensive guide on how to teach Atlas CareMaps in your community (whether neighbors, employees, patients, etc.), and to nurture conversations that unleash community wisdom.

Except where noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.