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CareMap Testimonials

CareMap workshops are designed to introduce the Atlas CareMap tool to family caregivers so that they can feel better equipped to balance the often difficult responsibilities of caring for their loved ones. In conducting these workshops, Atlas of Caregiving has been immensely grateful for the opportunity to talk with caregivers and hear about their unique experiences. These stories improve Atlas of Caregiving’s understanding of the lived realities of family caregivers and provide valuable knowledge to continue its mission of meaningful innovation.  

The stories of family caregivers are, by nature, inspiring and we’re pleased to be able to connect with family caregivers around shared values and priorities. We are further excited to share their stories and the positive impacts they’ve reported from using the Atlas CareMap.


Josefa Rio, Santa Barbara

Josefa Rio has been her husband’s primary caregiver since he lost his eyesight seven years ago. Three years after that, he was diagnosed with cancer. Josefa described the pressure she felt in needing to fill so many roles at once—caregiver, wife, mother, grandmother—while working and being the primary provider for her family.

When reflecting on her experience using the Atlas CareMap, she said it helped her get organized and become more aware of her personal life as a caregiver. Attending the workshop helped her realize that she is not alone. By being able to identify those in her support network, Josefa described feeling better equipped to manage her many responsibilities and felt inspired to share the CareMap tool with others.

Josefa’s elderly parents live in Mexico and are cared for by her sister-in-law and brother. After sharing what she learned about the CareMap with her sister-in-law, Josefa expressed happiness at seeing her sister-in-law use the tool to incorporate a greater amount of self-care into her day-to-day life.

Overall, Josefa has been empowered by the Atlas CareMap and continues to share it with her friends and family. “I think for me, personally, it’s been a tool of strength,” she said. “I think we all need, at a point in our lives when we are caregivers, to take care of ourselves as well.”

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