The digital CareMap meets caregivers where they are and allows them to create, change, and share their map to their care ecosystem. By recording every detail of an ecosystem (relationships, contact information, location, type and frequency of support), the digital CareMap builds on the learnings from our CareMap workshops to create a truly robust visual representation of a caregiver’s situation. The digital CareMap walks the user through the step-by-step process of mapping their ecosystem. Insights from the completed CareMap can then be easily shared, updated, and acted upon.

Caregivers are everywhere, and the responsibilities of caregiving tend to permeate all aspects of a caregiver’s life. They are community members, employees, and professionals, and almost certainly make up some portion of any organization. Whether your organization is specific to caregiving, aging, terminal illness, family care, etc. or completely unrelated, the CareMap can be a valuable tool to help you and your employees better understand the care ecosystems that impact the day to day lives both inside and outside of the organization. In turn, this understanding can create more productive employees, more open and accepting work environments, and more supportive organizations, in tune to the needs and lives of their members.

Absolutely. Atlas of Caregiving has hosted CareMap workshops for hundreds of caregivers all across the country. These workshops are a deeply designed experience through which participants learn how to draw their CareMaps and gain meaningful insight into their care situations and how to improve them. Not only do the workshops promote a sense of community and openness about the challenges of caregiving, they also aid individual caregivers in being better able to manage their responsibilities and leverage untapped resources to make their caregiving responsibilities and other aspects of their lives run more smoothly.

To discuss the possibility of hosting a CareMap workshop at your organization, please contact us.

Atlas of Caregiving is always open to expanding existing partnerships and establishing new ones with other mission-driven organizations. Whether you would like our help running CareMap workshops, or are interested in a digital CareMap tool and website built especially for your organization, we’d love to work with you. To learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact us.