Hand-drawn CareMaps

Hand-drawn CareMaps

This is an old page. For the most current information, go to About CareMaps

Our hand-drawn CareMap is where it all began. We want this tool to be accessible to all; having both a digital and hand-drawn version seemed inevitable.

We have found the hand-drawn CareMap method is great for groups and workshops, allowing participants to share and discuss their maps with one another. The hand-drawn CareMap captures less information about the people and type of relationships in your community, but it is still a powerful tool for visualizing what’s working well and where more support might be needed.

Resources for learning how to draw your own CareMap are provided here, along with a set of worksheets designed to help you interpret and use your CareMap to improve caregiving outcomes for yourself and the rest of your care ecosystem.

How to Draw Your Own CareMap

How to Use a CareMap