Impact: Inspiring Communities and Building Resilience

Inspiring Communities

Atlas of Caregiving has hosted CareMap Workshops for hundreds of caregivers all across the country [ LINK to CareMap Research Page]. These Workshops are a deeply designed experience through which participants gain confidence in the idea of the CareMap and how to draw it, get exposure to a wide variety of care ecosystems as they interact with one another and share their maps with other participants, engage in active conversation with their peers about caregiving, and acquire a deeper understanding of their own situations to appreciate what is working well and identify what isn’t. Not only do the Workshops promote a sense of community and openness about the challenges of caregiving, they also aid individual caregivers in being better able to manage their responsibilities and leverage untapped resources to make their lives easier.

Caregiving is often an isolated and under-appreciated endeavor, making it difficult to understand what is needed to improve current systems. By facilitating important conversations about caregiving, the CareMap is changing the way we think about care and paving the way for transformative change.

Building Resilience

The CareMap is a visual representation of a particular family’s care ecosystem—who is caring for whom, and how. For the person creating it, the CareMap provides a new perspective, through visual representation, of their position as a family caregiver, their support system, resources, and needs.

The power of the CareMap rests in the simplicity of concept. The CareMap highlights the oft-forgotten truth that family caregivers exist in community. Each caregiver impacts, and is impacted by others in her ecosystem. Drawing the CareMap brings to light previously unrealized sources of support and aid. It can also call attention to some of the factors that may contribute to family caregivers feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or unsupported.

You can create a CareMap using our online tool or draw it by hand.