Impact: From Personal Insights to Community Resilience

Personal Insights

Here are some quotes from people who have drawn Atlas CareMaps:

On what they’ve learned

  • “Need to discuss with extended family better support for Dad’s main caregiver (our sister)”
  • “That I need to share with family for more support to myself and reach out for help to social groups”
  • How limited my ability to care for my mother is”
  • “I realized I am not alone in taking care of my parents”
  • “That I was caring for more individuals than the one that was top of mind”
  • “I have a good Atlas CareMap for my present situation but I do not know what might happen in the future. I need to take some measures to create a plan for the long term”

On actions they plan to take as a result

  • “I need to talk with my family and ask for support”
  • “Expand the network that cares for me”
  • “Share my Atlas CareMap with all my family and all my friends”
  • “Make myself more available to loved ones and family”
  • “Use it as a building block for an enriching counseling session with my clients”
  • “No immediate action. It just made me feel secure that I am taken care of”

Here are videos of a few people talking about the impact Atlas CareMaps have had on their lives: Betty , Mayra  , Josefa 

Community Resilience

When many people in a community discuss their personal Atlas CareMap insights with each other, they discover that they have much to learn from each other, and the community becomes stronger through this social conversation about caregiving.

Here you can read details about one such community: Uncovering Community Wisdom Amongst Santa Barbara Family Caregivers