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How can we leverage both analog and digital tools to help make caregiving easier and more effective? This question guides our Core Research, and our Practical Solutions development. And, despite our enthusiasm for emerging technology, we believe that sometimes, the most appropriate technology is paper and pen.

Drawing a CareMap

Such is the case with the Atlas CareMap™, a hand-drawn representation of a caregiver’s network. Initially used during our Pilot Study as a way for our investigators to more easily ‘see’ all the people involved in a care ecosystem, the CareMap has become one of our most valuable tools. It quickly illustrates the caregiver’s own support system, highlights what is working well, and often reveals duplication or gaps in care and resources.

The Atlas CareMap has now been shared with family caregivers, care coordinators, healthcare professionals, and social workers through a series of facilitated Atlas CareMap Workshops™.

It is being used to support care conversations in families, follow changes in care situations over time, and map caregiver programs and services. We continue to learn from every Atlas CareMap we see, and incorporate what we learn into our research.

For more information on Atlas CareMaps, check out our blog, see what others are saying, or contact us to find out how to bring an Atlas CareMap Workshop to your community!

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