atlas of caregiving

A Grassroots Group Finds Its Voice

by Rajiv Mehta.

Key Takeaways Someone in the community needs to lead. The enthusiasm and personal outreach of two of the promotoras, Josefa Rios and Maribel Landeros, was critical at the start to get a large group of other promotoras to devote several hours of precious time to attend an esoteric-sounding workshop. The Atlas CareMap appears to have…

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Family Caregiving for Cystic Fibrosis

by Susan Williams.

Healthcare systems are products of design. Therefore, improving healthcare systems and their outcomes requires smart, thoughtful decisions about how to improve their design. To do this, we must start with the people whom the systems serve. Atlas of Caregiving’s founder and CEO, Rajiv Mehta, plays an active role in improving healthcare system design through deep…

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