What is Empathy, Really?

Empathy is not a state to acheive. Empathy is a continuous unfolding process of listening and our ability to connecting with ourselves is the foundational ingredient to being able empathize with others.

Visioning Exercise: A glimpse of a possible future

A vision of the future of a company that integrated the Mapping Ourselves program into its culture.

Our Impact: Mapping Ourselves in Michigan

Testimonials from Mapping Ourselves workshop participants in Michigan that speak to the impact on their lives.

Community – BLOCK: How Communities Become Gender Equitable Villages of Care

A new coalition coming together for the first time, to take on the issue of gender equity as a community building bloc, and unpaid care as the very first brick that must be laid to create a foundation of human health and resilience.

Yes, You Can Successfully Teach Empathy Online

Online Mapping Ourselves workshop participants came to learn more deeply, both about themselves and about others.

COVID Times: Youth + Loneliness

The beta Mapping Ourselves Online workshop was an opportunity to speak about the CareMap, our other Mapping Ourselves tools, and the personal science practice with the pandemic as a backdrop.

Drawing Our Future

Our Mapping Ourselves program came to a screeching halt in March. We developed a Beta online program and this is the feedback we received.

Uncovering Community Wisdom Amongst Santa Barbara Family Caregivers

Key Takeaways Atlas CareMaps serve as a catalyst to spark social, peer-to-peer conversations about family caregiving, resulting in uncovering community wisdom and strengthening community bonds. Once people begin to map their care relationships, they start to see them everywhere. The response to the experimental methods explored in Mapping Yourself shows that there is the potential…

How We Make Sense of the World with Maps

By Sara Bollman Why does Atlas of Caregiving use maps to help family caregivers better understand their daily activities and needs? There could have been multiple formats used, so why employ cartography as the foundation to this understanding? We have always used maps. The forms and functions of maps have shifted with the times and…