The Atlas CareMap: My Caregiving Journey in Pictures

I came across Atlas of Caregiving in my search for useful tools to solve caregiving challenges. I’m intrigued by the deceptively simple concept of their Atlas CareMap. A CareMap is a visualization of your relationships. You use stick figures and lines to show who you care for, who else is involved in their care, and who cares for you….

The Promotores Network: Re-writing the Cultural Paradigm of Caregiving in Hispanic California  

Sometimes sweet nostalgia can help caregivers and their loved ones get through difficult days. Our Monday content is presented in partnership with Monday Campaigns.

Caregiving Begins With Knowledge. What Comes Next?

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe An efficient, supportive and understanding caregiving environment is one in which the entire burden doesn’t fall on only one person, but on a team of interconnected individuals. The process of creating such an environment starts with knowing what…

The Quantified Self Movement: Transforming How We Study Family Caregiving  

6:30 AM: Samantha wakes up to the alarm from her phone’s sleep tracker app. Still half asleep, she picks up her phone and glances at the screen — it looks like she got a good night’s sleep last night. Five full REM cycles, and she only woke up once, at 2:21 AM. As she makes…

Caregiving: Tough Enough for a Man

On a typical day in Silver Spring, Md., Edith Dotson, a wheelchair-bound, Alzheimer’s-stricken mother, can be found receiving care from a local relative. For over six years, Edith has received this care, and when her relative finally let the rest of the family know how stressful it is to care for Edith, a tearful breakdown ensued….

A Practical Solution: The CareMap

An often overlooked but important role in any caregiving ecosystem is the role filled by family caregivers. Atlas of Caregiving envisions a world where caregiving is valued and supported as fundamental to a healthy society. Its mission is to catalyze a transformative cultural change for family caregiving through innovative research, practical solutions, and rich collaboration….

Following the Artists of Healthcare: an interview with Susannah Fox

“Celebrate the lone genius as well as the people who are at the kitchen table who are asking over and over how to do something differently.” – Susannah Fox, Atlas of Caregiving’s new Advisory Board member Susannah Fox, former CTO of the U “Celebrate the lone genius as well as the people who are at…

A Community of Practice: Santa Barbara

CareMapping Santa Barbara county On April 3rd the first of a series of CareMap workshops commenced in Santa Barbara. The initial workshops were hosted by Family Services Agency (FSA) and supported by the Santa Barbara Foundation. In attendance were social workers, therapists, consumers, and FSA board members – all of them in one way or…

It Takes a Village: How Local Caregiving Efforts Can Have a National Impact

Caregiving is more than just occasionally helping another person — it’s a lifestyle, and in many cases, a full-time job. In the midst of a growing need for caregiving resources nationwide, Santa Barbara County is taking critical steps to help community members first self-identify as caregivers and then reflect on the areas in which they need…