Mapping Ourselves in Michigan for the Youth Advisory Committee

Read about the first of a series of Mapping Ourselves Workshops for youth in Michigan, part of the We All Care Initiative

Welcoming Claire Slattery, Director of Learning

Claire Slattery, our new Director of Learning, uses improv as an empathy machine, where joyful playing and failing together leads to trust and connection.

Supporting Women, at home and at work

How Data Visualization and Peer to Peer learning can strengthen communities of women.

Santa Barbara Continues to Innovate to Leverage Atlas CareMaps

Key Takeaways Can the impact of in-person Atlas CareMap Workshops be replicated through online media, making them more widely available? Can successful adoption of Atlas CareMaps be accelerated through cross-organizational sharing of experiences? How are social services and systems impacted when the Atlas CareMap is incorporated into existing processes that touch family caregivers? This is…

Seeing Value, Busy Professionals Voluntarily Add to Their Efforts

Key Takeaways Social workers are finding so much value in using Atlas CareMaps with their clients, that they are voluntarily adding this tool to their already overloaded schedules. Excitement and interest about Atlas CareMaps has spread organically within the professional health and social services community in Santa Barbara County. Grant making organizations, moved by the…

Deeply Engaged Caregivers Discover Value in Active Self-tracking

Key Takeaways All Mapping Yourself participants were already deeply engaged in their caregiving efforts, so the fact that they felt they learned a lot about their situations is very meaningful. It supports the project’s premise that caregivers can benefit from assistance and tools to better understand and manage their lives. Due to the experimental nature…

Uncovering Community Wisdom Amongst Santa Barbara Family Caregivers

Key Takeaways Atlas CareMaps serve as a catalyst to spark social, peer-to-peer conversations about family caregiving, resulting in uncovering community wisdom and strengthening community bonds. Once people begin to map their care relationships, they start to see them everywhere. The response to the experimental methods explored in Mapping Yourself shows that there is the potential…

The digital Atlas CareMap (beta) is here!

We’re excited to announce that a digital tool for creating Atlas CareMaps is now ready for public use. You’ll find it at Everything you can do with a hand-drawn Atlas CareMap, you can now do online, and much more. Key Features The video describes these features of Clearly see your care ecosystem —…

The Atlas CareMap: My Caregiving Journey in Pictures

I came across Atlas of Caregiving in my search for useful tools to solve caregiving challenges. I’m intrigued by the deceptively simple concept of their Atlas CareMap. A CareMap is a visualization of your relationships. You use stick figures and lines to show who you care for, who else is involved in their care, and who cares for you….