Deeply Engaged Caregivers Discover Value in Active Self-tracking

by Rajiv Mehta.

Key Takeaways All Mapping Yourself participants were already deeply engaged in their caregiving efforts, so the fact that they felt they learned a lot about their situations is very meaningful. It supports the project’s premise that caregivers can benefit from assistance and tools to better understand and manage their lives. Due to the experimental nature…

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To Achieve a Culture of Health, First We Have to See

by Susan Williams.

In October of 2016, on behalf of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), Lori Melichar, Director of RWJF’s Pioneer Portfolio, invited Atlas of Caregiving founder and CEO Rajiv Mehta to New York City. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supports people with bold visions in building a healthy future, or a Culture of Health. Rajiv and the…

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