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Hugh Dubberly
Partner | Dubberly Design Office

Hugh Dubberly is a lead investigator on the Atlas of Caregiving Pilot.

Hugh is the founder of Dubberly Design Office. DDO is a San Francisco-based consultancy that helps startups and large organizations make services and software easier to use, more effective and more fun through interaction design, information design, and systems design.

Much of DDO’s work focuses on bio-informatics, health, and wellness from designing user interfaces for a range of medical diagnostic devices (from glucometers to flow-cytometers) to patient population management systems and cell-signaling pathways databases and designing services that integrate sensors, monitoring systems, and human support. Clients also include leading technology and media companies. Hugh Dubberly previously led design and media departments at Apple and Netscape, and is a graduate of Yale (MFA) and Rhode Island School of Design (BFA).

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