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Susan E. Williams is an anthropologist and digital health consultant who provides expertise in strategy, market research, communications, and project management. In 2016 she founded and is managing director of Agency Other, a boutique agency that supports non-profit, academic and startup efforts in helping people achieve their full potential in health and wellness.

Susan E. Williams


Rajiv Mehta is the Project Director and a lead investigator on the Atlas of Caregiving Pilot.

Hugh Dubberly is a lead investigator on the Atlas of Caregiving Pilot. Hugh is the founder of Dubberly Design Office. DDO is a San Francisco-based consultancy that helps startups and large organizations make services and software easier to use, more effective and more fun through interaction design, information design, and systems design.

Kathy Kelly is Executive Director of the Family Caregiver Alliance.

Kathy Kelly

Executive Director

Selection of technologies for data tracking and visualization, analysis of implications for family caregivers, and communication

Gary Wolf


Research design (including following ethical guidelines of the American Sociological Associa- tion for such ethnographic research), ethno- graphic interviewing, data analysis, and visualiza- tion technologies

Dawn Nafus

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