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We All Care Initiative

“The work of Atlas is very well aligned with what we do here at Zingerman’s to help create a positive, highly interconnected, and supportive organizational community that helps everyone here to do better. The tools give everyone who learns it ways to test, track, and measure how well they’re doing in creating those positive communities.” – Ari Weinzweig, co-founder of Zingerman’s

The We All Care Initiative (WACI) was a year-long social experiment to better understand how we give and receive care in our daily lives. In collaboration with the Michigan Health Endowment Fund (Health Fund), the Community Foundation (AAACF), and the Fremont Area Community Foundation (FACF), as well as with seven Michigan organizations, we organized and conducted in-person Mapping Ourselves workshops across Michigan. The goals of this initiative were to use the Mapping Ourselves tools to investigate care and social connections, spark conversations about care across diverse communities, and to support the development and refinement of community-based policy and program needs.

“The visuals are like a common language: they really help to keep things a bit objective, even though they are personal perspectives.”– WACI participant

The project, its methods, and its learnings will be shared openly with the public. The work was designed to generate a transformational shift in two different ways: by helping participants to more fully leverage their individual and collective capacities to care for themselves and others; and by sparking interest and involvement in the wider Michigan community.

“Overall this is a really great training. I think Mapping Ourselves should be a requirement for all people – not just people in social/health services.” – WACI participant

From December 2019 to March 2020, Atlas worked across Michigan with multiple organizations, including youth, faith-based, public health, and small business communities. We conducted multiple in-person Mapping Ourselves workshops, until COVID-19 forced us to pause.

COVID-19 caused us to recalibrate and redesign our educational experiences so that our Mapping Ourselves program could exist online.

After running a few betas, we opened registration back up to communities in Michigan. We are currently writing the report and will share the findings here when it is completed.

Except where noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.