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Our Impact: Mapping Ourselves in Michigan

Over the last year, Atlas has been in Michigan (in person and virtually) working with diverse groups across the state to better understand how we all give and receive care in our daily lives. The Mapping Ourselves program introduced a practice that ranged in its applicability and impact across Michigan. The practice helped people to see their interconnectivity and to look inward to see how they might experience connectivity and connection differently. What we came to recognize was how important it was to be able to look at life through different perspectives that includes social groups, interactions, and ideas of shared values. 

We are in the process of writing the We All Care report and want share some of the inspiring feedback we’ve received.


On seeing differently:

“I ended up talking to my five friends about the CareMap, and that was intriguing to me. I didn’t expect to be thinking about the CareMap as much as I have. It made me consider things differently.”

“This is therapy – you can be creative, you can make this your own, you can go deep.”

“What it helped me to realize was the relationships I was giving so much to actually had more support than I thought. It helped me to see that those people had a lot of people around them and so I felt I could unburden myself with them. Or at least have a conversation about those people.”

“I loved how we were able to tell our stories. It’s more storytelling than you realize. The takeaway is that you go in sometimes with a negative perception of what you experienced or are experiencing as a caregiver. But then you reflect on the questions and you draw your map and tell your story. And you can find some positivity in it all. Even some humor.”




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