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Weaving With Care

On November 17, I had a rich conversation with members of the Weave community on “Seeing the Care That is All Around Us”. It was an honor speaking with this group, as their vision of weaving a rich social fabric is so in line with our efforts at Atlas of Care.

Weave: The social fabric project is part of the Aspen Institute. (https://weareweavers.org) Here is how they describe their vision:

We live in a world where technology can connect us to anyone in a blink of an eye and yet, we rarely look into each other’s eyes. We don’t take the time to really see, know or trust each other.  And we do what humans do when we feel vulnerable and alone: we revert to tribe. It’s friend/enemy, us/them, build walls, hatred, erect barriers.

There is a better way to live. Thousands of people across the US are taking time to show up for others… all the way up. They are building connections in their communities and weaving a rich social fabric. Being part of just such a community was what lifted New York Times columnist and author David Brooks out of his isolation, inspiring him to found Weave: The Social Fabric Project at the Aspen Institute.

Weave supports those who have found a more connected way to live. Weave explores what it means to weave in our schools, our workplaces and every other part of life. Weave’s mission is to invite everyone to start living like a Weaver and shift our culture from one that values achievement and individual success to one that finds value in deep relationships and community success.

I framed my talk around the question, “Would the world be different if people were more aware of their interconnectedness, of the many daily acts of love and generosity around them, and of the impact their actions have on everyone’s wellbeing?” I described Atlas of Care’s experiments in helping people see the invisible webs of care in their lives, the tools and methods we have developed, and stories of impact. Over 50 people participated, with lots of Q&A. The session was recorded, and you  can watch it here.

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