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What Have We Learned So Far?

On October 24 a caregiving conference was held at the University of San Francisco. I had been invited to give a talk on “New Insights from the Atlas of Caregiving Pilot”. As it turned out, on only the previous day had we completed the data gathering phase of the project — the final interview with the last family directly participating in the project. So, I was able to give the audience fresh, though perhaps not deeply analzyed, insights.

In my 25 minute talk, I gave an overview of the tools (interviews, logs, sensors) we have used to learn about caregiving, and how well these have worked. I gave examples of the types of data we have collected, and initial impressions about what we have learned. I was also able to share some anecdotes about what the families themselves have learned from their participation.

The conference “Improving Care At Home: Challenges and Opportunities” was organized by Professor Kathy Raffel of USF’s School of Nursing and Health Professions. About 150 students, faculty, and other guests attended.

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