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We developed Atlas Workshops to teach people how to draw and learn from their own Atlas CareMaps and other Mapping Ourselves tools.

Mapping Ourselves tools help people collect and visualize information about how care emerges across various aspects of their lives. The tools help people to identify – to see – the invisible.

Workshops are designed to encourage conversation based on these tools among the participants, which leads to people discovering the value (emotional and practical) of talking with others about care. Over a thousand people have participated in Atlas Workshops across the country.

What has emerged is a clearer understanding that care is central to how we live our everyday lives, and that care connects us to each other and directly impacts how we feel about ourselves and our communities. By becoming more aware of how we are connected, we can start to deepen relationships with each other – and with ourselves.

Our hope is that this work can enrich and expand our abilities to collaborate, to consider systems and complex change, and lay the groundwork for transforming how we work and live.

Though we are constantly learning about the utility of the tools we design, communities and organizations have sought out Atlas to improve upon the following:

For Individuals – help people to better understand and care for their families

  • For Employers – help increase productivity and camaraderie while reducing burnout
  • For healthcare and social services organizations – help service providers reduce burnout, and better serve patients and clients
  • For communities – help to increase a sense of belonging and expand capacity to support each other
Types of workshops (list of programs):

We offer a variety of programs that range in length, resources, and time commitments.

  • Atlas CareMap Workshop
    • Tool: Atlas CareMap
    • Duration: Workshop runs about 2 hours
    • Size: Can be provided to about 30 people at a time
    • Contact Us for more information
  • We All Care Workshop
    • Tool: Atlas CareMaps and additional exercises
    • Duration: Workshop runs about 2-4 hours
    • Size: Can be provided to about 30 people at a time
    • Contact Us for more information
  • Mapping Ourselves Workshop and Series
    • Tools: Several (including Atlas CareMap) and additional exercises
    • Duration: 1-day to multiple days over the course of time
    • Size: 30 people
    • Contact Us for more information
Except where noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.