Rich New CareMap Tutorial

This story was originally published on Weave’s newsletter, a weekly resource on how to weave our communities and restore social trust. Subscribe here. Feeling challenged and alone? Find the care around you Frederick Riley, Weave’s Executive Director, had the odds stacked against him as a kid. “Our family lived well below the federal poverty line. We were…

Celebrating Care Received

To fully care for our communities we cannot simply praise the giving of care while being reluctant to praise receiving care. Seeing, acknowledging and celebrating how your community cares for and supports you is vital for healthy living. That was the heart of my message for my keynote address Seeing Care and Kindness in Everyday…

Ann Arbor Civic Leaders Explore Mapping Ourselves

Ann Arbor civic leaders explored Mapping Ourselves tools as a way to consider local innovation and progress.

“Care Is Not a Solitary Activity”

Anthropology students explore their own lives.

Introducing Mapping Ourselves

Atlas of Caregiving’s new Mapping Ourselves program helps people to visualize care giving and care receiving in their communities.

Want Better Care for Everyone in Your Family, Business, or Community? Grab a Pen

New Atlas CareMap booklets make it easy for more people to gain new visibility and strengthen their care ecosystems.

Deming & Dementia at HealthXL

“How can technology and innovation make an impact on enhancing dementia care?” That was the question for a panel at the HealthXL Global Gathering, held October 4th, 2018 at the offices of GE Ventures, in the heart of the venture capital community on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. Rajiv Mehta, CEO of Atlas of…

Anyone Can Draw Atlas CareMaps

Key Takeaways The Atlas CareMap can be drawn just as easily by people who don’t view themselves as “Caregivers”, but as  “Patients” or “Care Recipients” or just “People” The three core questions — Who do you care for? Who else cares for them? Who cares for you? — remain the same, though it helps initially…

Santa Barbara Continues to Innovate to Leverage Atlas CareMaps

Key Takeaways Can the impact of in-person Atlas CareMap Workshops be replicated through online media, making them more widely available? Can successful adoption of Atlas CareMaps be accelerated through cross-organizational sharing of experiences? How are social services and systems impacted when the Atlas CareMap is incorporated into existing processes that touch family caregivers? This is…