Why Atlas of Caregiving?

On any given day, tens of millions of Americans provide care to parents, siblings, relatives and friends living with illness or a chronic health condition. Their contribution to healthcare is critical, and their impact on society is significant. Yet their work is often invisible.

Because family caregiving is an isolated and underappreciated endeavor, it is not well understood and so current systems intended to support them cannot scale. Atlas of Caregiving is uncovering the hidden world of caregiving….

We envision a world where caregiving is valued and supported as fundamental to a healthy society. We have made it our mission to create a more enlightened understanding of family caregiving by illuminating its vital contributions to a healthy society, and to support the needs of caregivers by catalyzing relevant solutions.

Core Research

Our research methodology combines traditional ethnography with emerging technology.

We use a human-centered approach to understand the fundamentally human experience of family caregiving.

Our insights inform actions. Our actions inform insights.


The Atlas CareMap is a hand-drawn representation of a caregiver’s network. It illustrates the caregiver’s own support system, highlights what is working well, and often reveals duplication or gaps in care and resources.

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